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Q: What kinds of programs do you offer?

A: mini retreats | classes | community art collaborations | day retreats | lunch time retreats | workshops
artistic playtimes | self guided retreat | speaking & discussion groups | the fine art of living

Q: What is a Day Retreat Center?

Are you familiar with "retreating?"  Maybe you, or someone you know has headed off to a remote destination to experience a long retreat from your everyday life?  It can be a powerful experience to step out of everyday life for a period of time and explore in great depth.    Taking time to retreat provides us with the opportunity to celebrate our lives and often to heal and evolve.      Sometimes it’s healing to delve into the deepest, darkest places of our being and uncover our forgotten selves, or explore our lower vibrations.  The journey can awake places of hope, uncover forgotten dreams, or inspire a new way of living life. "Retreating" this way can be very rewarding. But its also good to check in with self regularly... explore themes of growth and self-discovery across a span of days, weeks, and months, without abruptly interrupting life.  

The Divine Life Playhouse is a Day Retreat Center that invites you to playfully explore and support your personal growth on a daily basis. We offer you a sacred place for checking in with yourself and listening to your inner nudges. You can sit and relax with a book, step through a self guided discovery station, or just people watch and observe the moment.

We offer mini retreats, classes, artistic playtimes,  speaking & discussion groups, playshops,  day retreats, community art collaborations, celebrations, and more…   We are here to support you in personal growth and "being present" with your life.  This is a place to celebrate life in all its complexity. 

Q: What is Playful Self Discovery?

We don't always have to be so serious about ourselves. Personal Growth & Self Help can be Playful and it can be Fun.

Adults have often had plenty of years  to pack  up personal "baggage,"  and often, in response we have developed all kinds of rotten patterns & dysfunctional habits.  But we can acknowledge our pain, transform our lives, and still have fun.  We can grow, evolve, and develop our lives with ease... over time.   We can travel through life experiences with hope and vision. 


Mini Retreats
here's your opportunity to spend several hours giving attention to your personal growth.
most mini retreats are between 1-3 hours. just enough time to focus your attention on something that interests you and contributes to your growth. short enough that you can fit it into your calendar.

guided exploration and learning
lead by professionals who are passionate about what they know, and eager to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Community Celebrations & Community Art Collaborations
join with others in your community to celebrate a special event.
create a a work of art together.
(pictures of previous Collaborations coming soon)

Day Retreats
spend the entire day exploring and playing. self help starts with SELF exploration. day retreats are designed to provide you with the time, space, and inspiration to dive in and focus on YOU for the day.

Lunch Time Retreats
spend your lunch time tapping into your playful side. connecting with inspiration .... its food for the body and soul.

devote some time to developing an area of your life that has been calling for your attention.
spend time with others exchanging ideas, learning new things and playfully transforming your life with the support of others.

Artistic Playtimes
embrace your creative spirit. let your artistic inhibitions fall away.
artistic playtimes are opportunities for you to create playfully with opportunities for self discovery and growth in every project.
you just show up. all materials are available. assistance is available if needed.
you get to focus your present moment on creativity and self discovery

Self Guided Retreat (more)
walk through stations of exploration at your own pace.
guide sheets and supplies are available to you as you journey through your imagination, your heart, and your mind.

Speaking & Discussion Groups
listen to words of inspiration and wisdom. contribute your own understanding and listen to what others around you are thinking. speaking and discussion groups are opportunities for learning about yourself and the world around you.

The Fine Art of Living
life is a treasure chest of experiences. there is great pleasure in even the simplest things when we are present and attentive.
there is an ART to living life in a way that brings the flow of goodness rushing in to you.
practice experiencing life more fully. practice being in the present moment.
enjoy celebrating the seasons, the people, and the ceremony of living with these guided activities.

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This is your life.  
Step into your power and explore your options.


Life is full of options.  Life is full of choices.    We walk down paths, turn around in circles sometimes, 
make false starts, fall backwards, and sometimes feel complete chaos…. 
But we also breath in moments of full clarity, cross bridges of hope, discover our true beauty, and see our lives work out in ways far more divine than we can imagine on our own.    

Life is here for you.

Let's live in our Inspiration.  Let's playfully explore all our options.  
Let's do some discovery of self, community, and global connections.






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