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Self Guided Stations in The Divine Playhouse
Walk through stations of exploration at your own pace.
Guide sheets and supplies are available to you as you journey through your imagination, your heart, and your mind.
Check the Calendar to see when specific stations are open.
(limited offering until the new location is opened)

Offered at the Suggested Exchange of $5-$10 per session
Please reserve your space in Self-Guided Stations by emailing or calling 615.258.4101

Visions Exploration
explore the process of creating a vision board, journal, or collection box. there are so many options for exploration.
various supplies are provided based on which project is being highlighted.

Energetic Love Letters
sit down and write an energetic love letter. this station is an exploration in both written communication and communication of the heart across energetic channels. enjoy the time to process overwhelming feelings or unresolved messages. write down things that delight you or things that frighten you. this is a time to clear communication lines and the exploration may be lighthearted or serious depending on what you need.

The Dreaming Tree
have a seat under The Dreaming Tree.... and let the world go by. this is your time to relax and enjoy. let the thoughts twirl in your mind or settle into nothingness. visions have free space to roam. each month there are new opportunities to explore your *Dreams* with projects, questions, and *sparks* of inspiration.

Journal & Thinking Corner
get comfy and settle in with your journal. this space is designated for quiet reflection. this time is set aside for you to think, free of distraction. enjoy. journaling projects available on a rotating basis.

Life List
what would you like to do today? this month? this year? in your lifetime?!!?!
enjoy the time to explore your life ambitions and dreams in this station of exploration.

Self Care Station
moments of self care have exponential benefits in our everyday life.
the self care station is a place to check in with self and discover areas of our being that need nurturing and attention.
find more balanced by caring for yourself.

Artistic Playtimes
embrace your creative spirit. let your artistic inhibitions fall away.
artistic playtimes are opportunities for you to create playfully with opportunities for self discovery and growth in every project.
you just show up. all materials are available. assistance is available if needed.
you get to focus your present moment on creativity and self discovery

The Closet
explore your identity and expand your understanding of self.
the closet station is designed to allow playful exploration through costume play.




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