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If you have every found your wallet and bank account near empty... maybe even overdrawn... you understand what it means to be "poor in spirit." The experience of financial dilemma is also a crisis of self worth. ....but there is hope. there are options. There is a path towards greater wealth. It starts with YOU. It starts with acknowledging your worth.

easier said than done.....

Self Worth issues are woven into our consciousness and are seen in obvious ways within or society. Recognizing our worth is one of the first steps we can take to reclaim the natural wealth that is available to us all.

Take the first Step of Empowerment

If you are interested in a Kastle Key program, but presently find yourself in a mentality of "lack".... you are invited to step into your worth and begin to reclaim your power.

We offer "Exchange Agreements" to provide options for you to tap into the resources that are available to you now. (You have resources within you!)
Many of our programs are offered with a "Suggested Exchange" that allows you to make a personal decisions about what you are able to offer in the present moment, for what you are receiving. Its Give & Receive.... and You have Choices.



Over time you can step into any experience you Desire.
Nurture your Self Worth.
Learn more about your Patterns of Exchange.
Explore the ways you Use Resources.
Develop your own Relationship with the Material World.
Grow your Money Trees.
Imagine the Possibilities.

hand of seeds


Anything that I don't have in my hands right now is available in the world around me
…. all the resources I need are available!

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