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Every Atom is accounted for... everything that ever was ... still is. cycled. re-cycled. changing form. changing shape. dying. birthing. living. moving... constantly moving. forever transmuting. infinitely creating.

The same resources we had last year, are here today. resources may have changed shape. changed location. maybe moved to a landfill... or a windowsill. everything is still here. The money is still here. It may be locked up. It may be in another hand. It is still present. The resources we used are still here... maybe transformed into a less desirable form... maybe even smog or waste... Or maybe reorganized into a work of Art. It is all still here.

It is up to us to choose how we manage, move, and transform the resources. Its up to us to decide what we want to do with this massive heap of wealth available to us in our lifetime.

How do we want to experience it all? What will we build? What will we create?
How will we use the resources available to us?


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All that Ever Was... IS

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