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Tips for making Bartering Work

  • Consider the perceived "Value" of what is being exchanged. Remember ...value is relative to the needs/wants of each individual. Are the things being bartered of equal CASH value?  or will you barter TIME... at an Hour for Hour exchange.
    Its important that value is PERCEIVED equal between those bartering.

  • Agree to a period of time in which the exchange will be completed. Often its better to set up short periods of time, so agreements are not forgotten.

  • Decide if there will be an Option to ReCommit after the time is up, or Change to other systems of exchange. Sometimes after walking through an experience of exchanging, it becomes clear that the exchange is unequal and needs adjustments to continue working for all those involved. Flexibility can be beneficial over time.

  • If there are any "cash costs" required of one of the parties, do those costs need to be covered by cash? If so a partial cash/partial barter option may be best.

  • Often it is helpful to build in an option to "cash out" the exchange if one or both parties are unable to fulfill the agreement.

  • Write down the Agreement.... writing it out will clarify intentions.

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